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a Consistent Record of winning Results                                      
Year after year our record of winning results grows larger and larger. 
Defense Verdicts. We win an average of over 20 defense verdicts a year. We have maintained this record for the past ten years – in some of the most difficult venues in New York State. Frank Scahill has won more than 100 trials.  As Managing Partner, Frank assesses every case that comes into the firm and develops a learned and skilled defense strategy. The case is then assigned to one of the firm’s attorneys for execution of that litigation strategy.    
Successful Summary Judgment Motions. We win hundreds of motions for Summary Judgment saving insurance carriers millions of dollars – each year. In 2007 and 2006 we eliminated over $32.5 million in potential liability by filing hundreds of successful Summary Judgment motions. Andrea Ferrucci – an aggressive, competitive lawyer - heads our summary judgment department. Andrea has one of the best legal minds in the business and she uses all of her skills to produce great results.     
Winning No Fault Claims. Our No Fault claims department does a brilliant job. First party lawsuits from No Fault providers have increased exponentially in the last ten years. Many of these cases involve fraud and over-billing for the same treatment. We have the knowledge and experience to effectively defend these cases at low cost. We handle a large volume of first party no fault claims in the New York Metropolitan venues.
Expert Investigation Skills. Founding partner John Picciano is a former investigator for the FBI. Using his FBI training as a model, John teaches our attorneys how to conduct thorough investigations. Our keen investigation skills add considerably to our success, in pre-trial investigations and on trial.
Bench Experience. Before Frank Scahill began practicing law with John Picciano in 1987, he spent three years clerking for Supreme Court Judge John A. Milano. Frank’s experience as a court insider is a valuable asset that we use extensively. In addition, now that Judge Milano serves as counsel to our firm, his perspective from the bench is a major asset to our clients.    
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